Welcome to the Missoula Early Learning Center - Preschool, we offer a comprehensive preschool program that will prepare your child for a lifetime of learning.  Children’s experiences in the first five years of life determine critical skill building in key domains.  Our teachers are highly trained and are able to work with children in intimate settings to help promote greater knowledge in these core domains: Social and Emotional Learning, Physical Learning, Cognitive Understanding, and Communication (as set forth in the Montana Early Learning Standards).  Your child’s imagination and enthusiasm for learning will grow when stimulated by our play-based environment and project-based, emergent curriculum.

Preschool education is highly specialized.  Children, ages three to five, learn in very unique ways.  Early childhood education looks and feels different than formalized primary education.  Young children learn best when immersed in play-based environments.  The following link is an explanation of the importance of high-quality environments and the components of the Preschool classroom at MELC, please click below.

LINK - welcome to the preschool room